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How to Market Affiliate Offers with Forum Linking

FREE BOOK CALLED: “Limitless” – A story about a Young Man from a small farm in Australia to the helm of a $100 Million Dollar Company. (A possible future commissions may be involved) By using Forums in your marketing strategy seems to be a great method. Because Forums are gathering places for people with common interest to discuss those interest. They talk about there best practices, share there personal experiences, give advice and just hang out.  And the nice thing about this is that there are forums for everything.  They can be “obscure” forums and forums with thousands of people that appeal to a very “broad” market. Forums is a great place to interact with your “Target Market,” you can to give advice and establish yourself as an “authority” in your industry.  The structure of Forums allows you to include what is called a “signature” at the bottom of every post you publish. Because once you build that “trust” and “authority” in the forum, people will be interested in what your signature says about you and where you are linking to.  Whether it is your website or an affiliate Website. Now, it order for this forum method to work for you, you will need to find forums that are relevant to your “niche,” then get involved. Starting by asking  questions, answering questions, giving advice and most importantly share personal stories, this helps to build your credibility. The more you interact with the forum, the more people will see your “signature” and the more likely they will click through to your affiliate offers. Finally, the best way to make money... read more

Marketing Your Affiliate Offers without a Website

GET YOUR FREE BOOK TODAY BY CLICKING ON: “LIMITLESS” – A personal account of a young man from a small farm in Australia to the “Helm” of a $100 Million Dollar Company. And you too will have the same opportunity of success!! Methods that do not require a Website. There is basically two approached to Affiliate Marketing. You can use the method that do not require a website to drive traffic or you can use methods that do require website. By starting of with the methods you can use to make money without owning a website but it will be a little more difficult to do. You will have to be using free web platform to build web properties that you can promote your affiliate links on. The concept here is to get your affiliate link in as many places as possible.  You will be trying to flood the internet with your links. Eventually you will to get traffic to your web properties and sales too. I have a better way with an Affiliate Program that takes a lot of the guest work out of it.  It has all the benefits needed to be a successful Online Affiliate Marketer.  Where average people with no prior experience online are depositing $1,200, $3,300, and even $5,500 commissions. It is a simple 21 step system taking you through the master plan to massive paydays with ease.  You can easily tap into this system in just a matter of minutes, all this and much Much more!  Check it out now by clicking on: System. If you decide to purchase, I will receive a... read more

How to research the Competition for your Online Product

The way you research or assess the competition can be beneficial when you are deciding on a niche to build a website around it.  It is a good idea to keep up on your competition as you run your business in order keep up with any new strategies that they are implementing and the type of products they are selling. In order to develop a more effective marketing strategy and build a profitable business. The first thing to do is type your product name in Google and analyze the top ten results.  If you have many products then use your category names as you search criteria. For example, if your chosen niche is golf clubs, you want to do categories searches on products like putters, irons, drivers, etc. While searching your product categories, make a list of the top ten websites for each one.  I would recommend creating a spreadsheet for this process.  Making it easier to keep track of the information that you gather. Assessing and analyzing the competition can be very beneficial but don’t stress about it too much.  Because you will find that some of the top websites for your product are big brands like “Amazon.com, Walmart.com, etc.  Don’t be intimidated by this.  I plan on showing you the techniques in future blogs that allows you to “out-market” your competition. As you continue to go thru your website list in your top ten Google search keep an eye out for things your competition is doing that you might think is a good idea, that you may be able to use in your website. There are 4... read more

Choosing the best market product niche!

It is very important to choose a niche that has enough market demand in order for you to generate enough affiliate sales to make a good income.  In this section, we will explain the process of determining whether a niche has the right demand or not by using the Google Keyword Tool. But first we need to understand the three main keywords types. They are as followed:  Research – Research keywords are general informational and a bit vague.  Some example of research keywords would be “golf,” “how to golf,” and the “Best Golf Courses in Florida.  These keywords are not the best to target if you want to sell golf equipment to a golf searcher. Comparison Competition – Comparison keywords are getting a bit more specific as compared to research keywords.  These keywords are typically searched for when someone is considering buying.  Some examples of comparison keywords would be “golf driver reviews,” “Golf putter ratings,” and the “best 9 irons.”  The searcher of a comparison keyword is interested in buying something but not always right away. Buyer – Buyer keywords are the best kinds of keywords to target because they are typically used by people who want to buy something right away or soon.   They are specific in “nature” and don’t really leave any room for doubt.  Some examples of buyer  keywords using golfing would be, “buy Nike driver, ” and “Cheap Foot joy Golf Shoes.” As you can see buyer keywords include modifiers such as “buy,” “cheap,” etc.  When someone uses keywords like that in their search, they are definitely looking to buy something soon.  Also when someone... read more

Researching for a good niche requires Keyword Analysis !!

What is a niche? Is a smaller, more targeted subset of a broader particular market.  For example if Golf is the broader market then golf clubs, golf balls, and golf clothing would the niches. By focusing on specific niches as opposed to broader markets you have the opportunity to be the “online expert or authority” in that niche.  This will help you grow a loyal customer base and it will differentiate you from the bigger companies such as “Walmart” type websites.  That sells to the broader market but don’t have the niche expertise and product selection that online buyers like. What Makes a Good Niche? There are several things that factor into what makes a good niche.  Remember, this is a business and you must consider the largest factor and that is how much money can be made in a given niche.  As you “brainstorm” different ideas it’s important to think about your financial goals and think of the niches that will allow you to meet your financial goals such as high priced products, products with a high profit margin, low competition online, high demand, etc. In addition to wanting a profitable niche,  you will also want to think  about the following: Is there a demand for the products within your niche? Are there suppliers for the products within your niche? Are people within your niche willing to spend money? Are people within your niche willing to buy products repeatedly? Are there new people looking for products within your niche on a regular basis? Determining Target Market Before you get into the details of niche research, you need to... read more

Brainstorming Techniques used by Affiliate Marketers to find niche products

What is Brainstorming? The first step in deciding what you should sell online is to go through the  process of brainstorming.  It is a technique used to gather a lot of “ideas” quickly.  There are basically four rules in brainstorming  And each rule will help you get as many ideas written down as quickly as possible and help increase your overall creativity as you go through the process.  The four rules are:  Focus on Quantity  No idea is a Bad idea  Think Outside the box  Combine and improve ideas NOTE:  As you begin the brainstorming process it is important to understand that not all of your ideas will work out in the end.  But write down as many ideas as you have and whatever you do “DON’T GET STUCK ON ONE IDEA.”  Remember, brainstorming is only the beginning of the process.  There will be additional steps we will be going thru with this list of ideas.  You will find out that some of the ideas you came up with initially won’t work out.  In other words, some ideas won’t meet the “qualifying” criteria for reasons such as finding a supplier, lack of demand for the product, and little profit potential. Methods to Kick-Start your Brainstorming Most people start the brainstorming process with what is known as “writers block.”  Where there mind tend to go blank at trying write something down on their sheet of paper and can’t think of anything.  Below is a set of questions and resources below to really help you “kick-start” your brainstorming process. Questions: What are your hobbies? What are your interests? What have you... read more

Ingredients needed to Make Money now with Affiliate Marketing

To Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer, it can be a difficult undertaking just as anything else worth doing in life.  But with hard work, persistence, and clear thinking, it can be done.  However, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing it requires a few ingredients that you will need in order to make great income. The Right Product You will need a Product that has a lot of “demand” and “profitability.”  It will be much easier to promote something that the people  are already buying than to figure out how to create a demand for a new product.  In order to determine how much demand there is for a product,  you can use the  Google Ad word Tool to see if it gets a good amount of searches or  not.  Also, you can get related keywords and “niche” keywords as well in order to get more ideas, to promote the product.  In addition,  as a Google member it will give you additional keyword selections. How a shy, 22-year old farm boy “cracked the code” to making $15,200 per sale online… see how he did it!!  An he went on to make $51,373,000 in the next 5 years using this “Big Payday” system (that you too can easily copy) Click here to view Video now!! Your product also must be profitable for you.  For example, if you’ve only going to make $5 per sale on a product you will need to make sure you can sell a LOT of those products.  However, if you make $50+ per sale then you don’t need to sell as many products to make good... read more

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing offers a great online opportunity to sell products online. The companies will often partner with affiliates and when their affiliates generate product sales the company pays them a percentage of the sales

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How to Write a High Converting Sales Page

Sales pages are one of the most effective ways of selling your products to the people who need it the most. It is one of the Internet Marketing practices that has evolved through time by adapting to change, and technological advances. It’s a true art form that takes time to perfect and use effectively. Luckily for you there are some rules and tips you can follow that will increase your chances of hitting it out of the park. If you follow these tips you will increase your conversions and smash it out of the park. It takes a lot more practice than any other type of content but it is fun.

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How to Create a Press Release

Press releases are one of the most effective ways of getting your message out to the masses. It is one of the Marketing form that has truly survived the test of time by adapting to change, and technological advances. It’s a true art form that takes time to perfect and use effectively. Luckily for you there are some rules and tips you can follow that will increase your chances of hitting it out of the park

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