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This is a picture of a new McDonald’s  in Edinburgh. Not seen in America (at least I haven’t seen this type of McDonald’s here). A change that could replace you!!  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO below to see what I mean.


Many signs are all around us.  Jobs are truly becoming obsolete. Just think in the next decade, there will be no need for drivers because the cars, buses, and trucks will “drive” themselves. Amazon will deliver your packages to your door with drones. Not only is McDonald’s installing these  self serve order stations, but are automating hamburger machines that can “crank” out over 2,000 burgers per hour.

What about the store’s of the future, they will have fewer employees,  if any employees at the front counter. Just, LOOK AT THE AMAZON GO VIDEO BELOW, a new grocery store that has no checkout lines. Using the Amazon Go app, you walk into the store, grab what you want, and walk out. When you leave, they know exactly what you bought and will bill your Amazon account for it automatically.






Now, what does all this mean to you? If you have a job in the service industry, or you make deliveries, stuff, your job may become obsolete in the future.

That is why you may need a back up plan, and that is one of the beauty’s of an Internet Marketing Business. This is something that you can start in your spare time and have it grow to a point where you can kiss that job good bye. It also has the ability to let you live: Time Freedom, Money Freedom, and Location freedom. Take it from me, it’s a pretty good way to live!

How does one get started? Click on: Top Tier Side Income. It’s a step by step system to help you start a profitable Internet Business. You will even get  a personal one on one coach to help you get started. Get started before your job becomes obsolete.

Have a great day! See you at the top!!


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