A Good Niche requires Keyword Analysis!!

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A Good Niche requires a Great Keyword Analysis!!

Do you need more Spendable Cash?

What is a niche?
Is a smaller, more targeted subset of a broader particular market.  For example if Golf is the broader market then golf clubs, golf balls, and golf clothing would the niches.
By focusing on specific niches as opposed to broader markets you have the opportunity to be the “online expert or authority” in that niche.  This will help you grow a loyal customer base and it will differentiate you from the bigger companies such as “Walmart” type websites.  That sells to the broader market but don’t have the niche expertise and product selection that online buyers like.
What Makes a Good Niche?
There are several things that factor into what makes a good niche.  Remember, this is a business and you must consider the largest factor and that is how much money can be made in a given niche.  As you “brainstorm” different ideas it’s important to think about your financial goals and think of the niches that will allow you to meet your financial goals such as high priced products, products with a high profit margin, low competition online, high demand, etc.
In addition to wanting a profitable niche,  you will also want to think  about the following:
Is there a demand for the products within your niche?
Are there suppliers for the products within your niche?
Are people within your niche willing to spend money?
Are people within your niche willing to buy products repeatedly?
Are there new people looking for products within your niche on a regular basis?
Determining Target Market
Before you get into the details of niche research, you need to thoroughly understand your target market.  For example, if you wanted to promote “baby strollers.”  Who would be buying the product?  Probably mother’s or parks who might want to buy them in bulk.  Then you would need to figure out how to get in front of that target market.  Use the following question to help you to determine this targeted market:
 Do these people have the money to pay for the product?
 What do I have to offer this group?
 How will I serve this market?
 What type of buyers are they? Repetitive? Impulse type? Careful?
 What related products can be sold on the “back-end?”
 Is there enough profit?
 What other products can you sell to these people that will add value to their shopping experience?
 Can I make enough money to meet my profit goals?
Other Research Lenses
 Competition Level.
 Who is your main competition?
 Are there affiliate offers available for this niche?

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