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…from building an email list, having a branded website, cultivating a great relationship with your subscribers, to a high converting squeeze page.

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In one of my blog posts, you will discover “why” and “how” to use mobile marketing to increase leads and sales to your online business!

Getting Traffic

The lifeblood to your online business is TRAFFIC. By working with me including one of my blog posts, you’ll learn 10 traffic sources to utilize RIGHT NOW..

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Don’t know anything about websites, coding, etc? Don’t worry, I’ll show you ways where you can have all the heavy lifting “Done-For-You”. You just focus on the revenue generating activities.

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I’ll show you the ideal setups in your online business. Many people waste time on the internet focusing on the wrong things. I’ll show you what you need instead to be profitable.

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Online Marketing Using Social Media

CLICK on now for your  FREE BOOK CALLED: “LIMITLESS” while supplies are still available. A book about a personal account of a young man from a small farm in Australia to the helm of a $100 Million Company and he gives you a opportunity to join in his success. What is Social Media? When we are talking about Social Media in the Internet Marketing arena,  however, we are talking about the new technology that are connecting people in “innovating” and “exciting” new ways. Where Companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the examples of these kinds of social medias. These websites encourage groups of “like-minded” people to discuss their common interest and goals. Some Basics of Social Media and How it can help Your business: Remember, while it can help your business, it is still just one of many tools to help you build your brand, drive more traffic to your website, increase sales and put more money in your pocket. Don’t allow yourself to become consumed with social media marketing only. First, here are some key questions to ask yourself: What will my time ROI be?  In other words are you getting a return in profits from the time you’re investing in social media marketing? What are the Social Networks that my customers are using. In other words, which websites will your customers be active in? What is your customer using social networks for? Are they using social media to sell their products? Make new friends? Promote their blog? etc. How can I automate much of this social networking without sounding like a “robot.” Is there any tools... read more


FREE BOOK CALLED: LIMITLESS – A Personal Account of a young man from a small farm in Australia to the “Helm” of a $100 Million Dollar Company. His success could be your success Opportunity!!!   YouTube should be an essential part of your internet  marketing plans. Video marketing is getting more and more popular. As technology gets cheaper and the video capacity to produce videos is much easier today. Those who skip this marketing plan will be missing out on a huge chunk of revenue.  In this post, we will discuss the steps that need to be taken in order to utilize the power of YouTube effectively. Some Key Facts: It is huge over 75 millions videos over 65,000 new videos daily 4th most trafficked website in the world over 1.2 billion videos streamed every single day # 2 search engine behind google and ahead of Yahoo and Bing Let’s Get Started: Understanding the Concept of Videos: First, you create short videos about your niche/product Secondly, submit your video to video sharing Websites Thirdly, include your affiliate link in the description of the video Steps to the Video Linking Process: You must set up a YouTube Account Create an account with PixelPipe.com and any of the video sharing services of each that is listed in PixelPipe. Make your Video Then Upload your Video to YouTube.com then to Pixel.Pipe.com (Note: Make sure that the URL for your affiliate offer is at the beginning of your description and cloaked the URL) On all of your videos you need to: Ask your viewers to embed your video on their blogs, comment section, ... read more

How to Market Affiliate Offers with Forum Linking

FREE BOOK CALLED: “Limitless” – A story about a Young Man from a small farm in Australia to the helm of a $100 Million Dollar Company. (A possible future commissions may be involved) By using Forums in your marketing strategy seems to be a great method. Because Forums are gathering places for people with common interest to discuss those interest. They talk about there best practices, share there personal experiences, give advice and just hang out.  And the nice thing about this is that there are forums for everything.  They can be “obscure” forums and forums with thousands of people that appeal to a very “broad” market. Forums is a great place to interact with your “Target Market,” you can to give advice and establish yourself as an “authority” in your industry.  The structure of Forums allows you to include what is called a “signature” at the bottom of every post you publish. Because once you build that “trust” and “authority” in the forum, people will be interested in what your signature says about you and where you are linking to.  Whether it is your website or an affiliate Website. Now, it order for this forum method to work for you, you will need to find forums that are relevant to your “niche,” then get involved. Starting by asking  questions, answering questions, giving advice and most importantly share personal stories, this helps to build your credibility. The more you interact with the forum, the more people will see your “signature” and the more likely they will click through to your affiliate offers. Finally, the best way to make money... read more

Marketing Your Affiliate Offers without a Website

GET YOUR FREE BOOK TODAY BY CLICKING ON: “LIMITLESS” – A personal account of a young man from a small farm in Australia to the “Helm” of a $100 Million Dollar Company. And you too will have the same opportunity of success!! Methods that do not require a Website. There is basically two approached to Affiliate Marketing. You can use the method that do not require a website to drive traffic or you can use methods that do require website. By starting of with the methods you can use to make money without owning a website but it will be a little more difficult to do. You will have to be using free web platform to build web properties that you can promote your affiliate links on. The concept here is to get your affiliate link in as many places as possible.  You will be trying to flood the internet with your links. Eventually you will to get traffic to your web properties and sales too. I have a better way with an Affiliate Program that takes a lot of the guest work out of it.  It has all the benefits needed to be a successful Online Affiliate Marketer.  Where average people with no prior experience online are depositing $1,200, $3,300, and even $5,500 commissions. It is a simple 21 step system taking you through the master plan to massive paydays with ease.  You can easily tap into this system in just a matter of minutes, all this and much Much more!  Check it out now by clicking on: System. If you decide to purchase, I will receive a... read more

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