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Affiliate Marketing is by far the Easiest Way to Earn Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is by far the easiest way to earn money online, there’s still a learning curve. The affiliate cost of fulfillment is low. For example, if an affiliate promotes a digital training course, their cost to deliver someone their login details is virtually nothing. They get to keep a percentage of the profits, which depends on what is being promoted. Of course, there is some overhead, like the cost involved in placing ads. But compared to traditional business models (like running a brick and mortar business) those costs are a drop in the bucket. And there’s nothing shady about getting paid a commission for connecting a company with a new customer. Many businesses operate this way. The only difference with affiliate marketing is that you’re not a salesperson. In fact, you don’t have to do any selling if you don’t want to. Because the website you’re placing ads for can do all of the selling for you.

Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

One of the biggest lies told by online marketers selling traffic training products is that there is “free traffic.” All traffic has a cost. Even if there’s no financial output, you will spend hours of your time implementing your program and that is a cost because your time has value. Most people start there affiliate marketing business want to make commissions, but don’t want to spend any money. It seems like a bad idea to spend money on something that may not result in a sale. So they decide to play it safe and focus on the so-called free traffic methods, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting videos ranked on YouTube, or getting articles ranked for high-traffic keywords. Remember, no matter what you spend your time on, there’s always an opportunity cost associated with it. While building your business, one of the most important questions you must ask is, “How much is my time worth?” There’s such a thing as being too attached to your money in the beginning.  I have bought countless courses that promised to show me how to generate free leads. To this day, I’ve yet to find one that actually delivered. So when you are starting out, use paid traffic. Paid traffic gives you near-instant feedback. Instead of waiting weeks or months to see if your marketing is successful, you can find out within days, even hours. Also, just about all the biggest businesses are built on paid advertising. So the next time you hear someone telling you they know the secrets to making millions of dollars online from free traffic, ignore them. Now, despite what I’ve told you, you are still going to be tempted to go the “free traffic” route. Most people are, and it’s mainly because they’re terrified to lose money. They are afraid they will spend money placing ads, and then have nothing come back in return. It will happen to you. I can say with absolute certainty (or time, which is the same thing) placing ads, and get no results. You will spend money on clicks that don’t make you any commissions. That is how you learn.  The good thing about this is when your money is at stake, it will force you to learn more quickly.

How To Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Once you start making commissions consistently in your affiliate marketing business, your first priority is to duplicate yourself. If you want to keep increasing your earning each month, and scale into the many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, you will need to hire other people to help you. You must hire for anything that takes your attention away from sales and marketing. Things such as: administrative work, like doing your bookkeeping and responding to emails, is something you want to get off your plate as fast as you can. Next, the role of customer service.  I would fine myself doing customer service work to save on staff costs. It is not easy to change a lifetime of conditioning about how to think about money. I knew I wouldn’t start doing much bigger until I became comfortable paying out other for the task. Finally, creating a sales team, which will be a game changer.


The above items mentioned above, are just a few things discussed on this website. Our goal is to give the best Online Business Tips: to help you build your own Online Business or give those already in the Online Business to grow even larger. Because it is not as easy as you are led to believe.  It does requires a lot of hard work, patients, and sacrifice to become successful. 

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