Marketing Your Affiliate Niche using Video Linking

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  • It is huge
  • over 75 millions videos
  • over 65,000 new videos daily
  • 4th most trafficked website in the world
  • over 1.2 billion videos streamed every single day
  • # 2 search engine behind google and ahead of Yahoo and Bing

Some Key Facts:

YouTube should be an essential part of your internet  marketing plans. Video marketing is getting more and more popular. As technology gets cheaper and the video capacity to produce videos is much easier today. Those who skip this marketing plan will be missing out on a huge chunk of revenue.  In this post, we will discuss the steps that need to be taken in order to utilize the power of YouTube effectively.

Let’s Get Started:

Understanding the Concept of Videos:

  • First, you create short videos about your niche/product
  • Secondly, submit your video to video sharing Websites
  • Thirdly, include your affiliate link in the description of the video

Steps to the Video Linking Process:

  1. You must set up a YouTube Account
  2. Create an account with and any of the video sharing services of each that is listed in PixelPipe.
  3. Make your Video
  4. Then Upload your Video to then to (Note: Make sure that the URL for your affiliate offer is at the beginning of your description and cloaked the URL)
  5. On all of your videos you need to: Ask your viewers to embed your video on their blogs, comment section,  and pass it on ( Note: Make sure you get full permission)
  6. Have your domain name (affiliate link) on all of your videos
  7. Market your YouTube Channel/Videos on the following: Ping Videos – – – – (Note: This will help bum you up!!)

How to create the video:

  • Tools Needed: flip camera – Jing Screen Capture (Free Version)
  • How to make the Video: Introduce yourself – Build credibility – Explain what you will be covering – Teach(must be valuable) – Closing by thanking them for watching-Call to action/ (for more information click on the link below)
  • Give them permission to download the link given – to comment – to pass on to their friends, etc.

What Type of Videos will you be using:

  1. Reviews of the type of product you will be promoting
  2. Information type Videos
  3. Entertaining type Videos
  4. Collage type Video (Music & Pictures)

When your videos is up and running, you will need to generate views for it.  Start of telling your family and friends because the more views you get after being published the more preference YouTube will give it and rank it higher, so that it gets even more views.

To get viewers to your affiliate offer or website make sure you use a “call to action” and offer something relevant to the subject of your video. Talk about what they will gain by visiting the affiliate offer sales page. Explain what the benefits are and what is in it for them.

Another way to entice viewers to go to your website is to buy PPC ads on your videos that will pop up as the viewer is watching your video. These are very cheap and will usually only cost $0.01-$0.05 per click.

If you follow these steps and regularly create valuable videos you’ll generate more “buzz” about your website, get more traffic, more sales and more money in your pocket. (Thoughts from focuslearningcenter and Me)


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