Your Own Online Course

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Create Your Own Online Course. You may no someone, who has always wanted to write about something that interest them. For example, about marriage or share what they have learned about having a really good relationship. Or maybe talking about other things you might have an interest in.

The funny thing? I hear this quite a bit. But the sad part is that most of them never do it. They let their great life “lessons” and “wisdom” turn to dust over the years and hold back from sharing information that could maybe help countless of other people.

What do you know that could better helps others to do better is these areas? Things like losing weight, teaching a language, etc. Whatever it is, it’s possible to create, package, and sell it as an online course.

Did you know that “E-learning Revenues” hit over 53 billion in 2018. And the have Platforms such as “Indemnity’s” that allows you to setup as many free and paid courses as you like, across a variety of subject matters, with no upfront fee to the instructor. It works on a “revenue-share” basis and the average instructor is earning about $8.000 and their top instructors make even more. Now, the great thing about these type of platforms is that they provide a “wealth of free” resources and help even the novice to get their courses up and running.

So, for those interested, it is time to stop holding back and start teaching, and start getting paid for your knowledge.

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