Keyword Competition Analysis

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When you create a website it needs to center around the keyword phrases that relate to your website. That is why Keyword Competition Analysis is so important. Because certain key word phrases will have much competition and it would be difficult for your website to rank high on Google.  To help you identify your competition, we will discuss a special search identifier called “allintitle” (All in Title). And also another useful tool called, “Alexa Rankings.” These tools will help you identify the websites competing against you.


  1. Determine what your true petition is, as it compares to your website
  2. Define “manageable competition,” and how it compares to  your website
  3. Learn the “allintitle” tool, and how to search with it on Google
  4. Learning how to implement the Alexa Ranking system in your competition research

The allintitle: Search:

“Allintitle” is a special “search identifier” that Google uses to filter results. You will need to pull up a regular Google search page, by typing directly into your address bar or a fresh Google search page ( Please make sure that you are on a search page.

In the Google search box type in allintitle: “Keyword Phrase” and press the Google Search button. This is how it should look: allintitle “affiliate marketing”.

Below the search box you will find a line of text that says “About (x) results,” where x will be a number. This number represents the amount of websites that contain the keyword phrase in their META title. This is the first thing that Google looks for when they are indexing pages. If they are in this search you can be assured that they are part of your competition.

When performing an allintitle search you want your search results number to be less the 30,000. There is no specific number to reach here, but the lower the number the better.

Please note that you may be able to compete on Google for phrases that are higher than 30,000 in the allintitle search results. But the number increases the time it takes to beat out the competition also increases.

The Alexa Ranking System:

The Alexa system provides a rank for websites based on how well the site has done in the last 3 months. The rank is calculated by combining the estimated daily visitor’s to the site and the total number of pages viewed on the website. The site with the highest total of visitors and page views is ranked #1. The higher the Alexa Rank the less popular the website.

There are several ways to easily identify the Alexa Rank for any given website. The Google Chrome store has free extensions like SEO Quake and Alexa Traffic Rank that can be used for your research. Websites with a rank below 100,000 are quite popular. Remember, the higher the Alexa Rank in regards to your direct competition the better.