Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Making Money is your yardstick for growth!!

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing. It can be a difficult undertaking just as anything else worth doing in life.  But with hard work, persistence, and clear thinking, it can be done.  However, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing it requires a few ingredients that you will need in order to make great income. What Every Marketer Should Know!

  1. The Right Product
  2. You will need a Product that has a lot of “demand” and “profitability.”  It will be much easier to promote something that the people  are already buying than to figure out how to create a demand for a new product. 

3.  Fair Prices

Your product will need a fair price.  The product could have a lot of demand but if it’s just priced too high then you would want to avoid it.  Note:  It is very hard to promote a product that is being out performed by all their competitors.

It is a few ways to know if the market is willing to pay your asking price:

  • PPC (pay per click) ads on search engines to the product you want to promote, then it’s a safe bet that the product is selling well at the asking price.
  • EPC – This means “Earning Per Click” and it’s used as a measurement in affiliate networks.  EPC measures how well other affiliates are doing with specific offers.
  • ClickBank Gravity – Gravity is a measurement of how popular a clickbank product is.  The higher the gravity, the more likely it is to sell well at the asking price.

4.  An effective website or landing page

There is many things that go into creating a website that will convert traffic, sales and leads for the merchant’s product that you are promoting.  If you want to get the most out of your website, you must pay attention to all of them.

What are the components of a good website:

  • design to the point
  • easy to use
  • converts well
  • pleasing to the eyes
  • loads fast
  • lots of traffic
  • clear  offer
  • call to action

The website must be “optimized” for converting visitors into buyers of the affiliate product you are promoting.

5.  Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the measurement of what percentage of visitors actually complete the desired action. Whether they are buying a product, entering their email or becoming a user.  The higher the conversion rate the better.

As you make a “concerted” effort to include these ingredients in your overall business plan, chances of success will increase.

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