What is the Affiliate Link

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What is an Affiliate Link?

What is the Affiliate Link? Your Affiliate link might look something like this: www.mylink.xyz/ifs/5kla553. Looking at the elements of the link. The “mylink” indicates it is a tracking for the company. The “ifs” is short for the Internet Funnel System, so we know what to credit you for. And the alphanumeric designation, in this case “5kla553,” could be your affiliate ID number.

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Every time someone clicks that link, the click is tracked as having come from your affiliate link through a combination of cookies (little pieces of code), and the IP address and email address of the person doing the clicking.

Affiliate links are all unique. Every time someone clicks that link, a cookie is left on the browser of the person doing the clicking. A cookie is a little piece of code that track where you have gone and makes it easier for your computer to reopen that website when you go back. It is a very accurate way of tracking referrals so that affiliates can get paid a commission on any sales they referred.

NOTE: If all this sounds like “mumbo-jumbo” to you, don’t worry. You don’t need to know how it works, you just need to know that it is very accurate and ensures that you get paid your commission on all people you refer to the website you are promoting.