Are you Financially Free?

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ARE YOU FINANCIALLY FREE? After spending most of my adult life in and out of debt, I realize that living debt free is the only way to live your best financial life in this world. Why is it so hard to do?

First, it is not a money problems but instead a lack of “self-control” when wanting things. The things we really need vs. taking time to really consider a purchase very carefully. Just think, it will only bring a “temporary” gratification. We do a lot of impulse buying. You can probably relate to this, just look at all the things you might have now, somewhere collecting dust.

Because once the joy of what seemed so important at the time and the desire has worn off, so is your interest for that item. And if you have charged the items. You have created a long term debt that surpasses that desire you had.

Secondly, I feel we the public have been misled as to how our economy really works. Because most of us end up working ourselves to exhaustion for these temporal things. While the companies you do business with continue to accumulate wealth. But I believe financial freedom is still possible.

So, where did you receive your personal financial training? For most people, they were not taught by family or by the education system. How to manage their financial resources throughout their lives. Instead, we are you trained by TV and other advertising media on how you should live.

What you should buy in order to show that you have arrived at a “status queue” level. What some would call the “American Dream.” And that is what you should be chasing? So we become “students” and “slaves” of advertisers,” and the “money-lending” companies.

We are instructed by the media on what kind of car we should be driving in order to look successful? You are shown what kind of house you should be living in to be happy, and much more.

Finally, I have written a book called: “Are you Ready for a New Life?” That will give you insight in these matter and much more, including your Health, Finance, and both Personal and Spiritual Growth. Check it out!!